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Maxim Rope - Pinnacle 9.5 1x Dry Cobalt 60m

$ 241.95


Maxim's Pinnacle 2x Dry Climbing Rope is particularly useful in the ice/mixed category, but it will exceed expectations on any wall. An unbelievable performance capability separates the Pinnacle from most high-end, professional-grade ropes. It’s light enough for redpointing, but still has the legendary durability for which New England Ropes is known. Despite its high strength and extreme abrasion resistance in its 1x1 weave, this rope starts and stays supple and handles smoother than anything else in its class for lightning fast clipping when milliseconds count, and doesn't kink up easily. 

The Maxim Pinnacle is also an option for the trad climber who wants to climb longer pitches without adding weight or sacrificing durability and abrasion resistance. The Slick and Yellowjacket colors in our inventory feature the Endura double dry (both core and sheath) treatment- decreasing water absorption and increasing abrasion resistance significantly, making Pinnacle a good choice for a lightweight single ice rope as well. 

Meets or exceeds UIAA tests for falls, impact force and elongation; certified as both a single and a half rope. Endura Dry™-treated sheath and core bonds with the rope fiber to retard moisture gain and improve abrasion resistance. Even if you don't often climb in wet conditions, this dry treatment is a great protective measure against all factors that could otherwise reduce the life of your rope.


 Diameter (mm)  9.5
 Weight (g/m)  61
 UIAA Falls  7
 Dynamic Elongation %  26
 Static Elongation %  5
 Impact Force (kN)  10.3
 Type  Single


*** The "Slick" color option is new in 2018, with slightly different specs: 

- Dynamic Elongation  30%

- Static Elongation      7.9%