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Camping products we sell and why

A particular feature we looked for in the tents we carry is a ceiling/roof that, without the rain fly, would offer the most unobstructed view of the night sky. Stargazing is a big deal here, so much that light pollution is regulated to earn state and national parks the distinction of being official "Dark Sky Parks," and many surrounding ares Dark Sky Communities and Preserves, by the International Dark Sky Association. On many clear nights, even the Milky Way is visible to the naked eye. Weather can change quickly here though, with rain, wind, hail, and blowing dust being reasons to select tents with simple but sturdy construction and durable flies.

The Clip  Flashlight 2 Person tent from Sierra Designs is their all-time best-selling tent, for good reason. The mesh keeps out critters, but allows a complete 360 view around and above the bucket floor, with a simple 2-pole construction and easily-clipped on rainfly. Another Sierra Designs tent, the Meteor 2, has a similar mostly-mesh design but roomier and with a second side door. When weight is less of a consideration for car campers, we suggest the Kelty Acadia 2 or 4 person tent. We picked Kelty's Rover Green through an irresistible pull to the classic pup tent style- we foresee a small family at El Cosmico grabbing that to get the kiddos out of that cute-but-miniature vintage trailer and on to their first "wilderness" camp on the grounds. 
For sleeping bags, even summer sees desert temps drop low, so we deliberated over bags that were comfort rated for the cold and light enough for short backpacking trips, but still car-camping level of kicking back you don't quite get in the mountaineering mummy bag. We really liked where the Kelty Galactic met the temperature rating and overall weight in a pair-able roomy rectangle. For kids, the Big Dipper, also by Kelty, has a zippered extending length, and we're a little envious of the cool camp-inspired interior print and colors. 
Stoves come in many options but a few basic forms, so we've got cooking covered for the ultralight backpacker to the tailgate kitchen.