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Maxim Rope Polyester Accessory Cord

$ 9.95


Maxim Polyester Accessory Cord comes in vibrant colors in diameters 3mm-7mm, in pre-cut lengths of 30 feet (except 3mm, in 50ft). Polyester has 6% less stretch and greater UV resistance than nylon, is more durable, and the lower stretch offers more abrasion resistance. This high density cord is made of tightly braided 16 and 24 carrier sheaths along with high twist level strand yarns, creating a dense sheath that offers excellent protection against abrasion, and keeps out dirt, rock, and other destructive debris.  The Polyester Accessory Cord carries UIAA 102 and EN 564 certification.

Core: Polyester
Cover: Polyester
Standard: EN 564 (4-8mm), UIAA 102