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Mar - 4 Shopify Exploring

Posted on March 04 2018

I’ve been on this planet long enough and climbing long enough to know that 

difference in political opinion should never stand in the way of a familial relationship or a good climbing partnership. We don’t all share the samebeliefs, and that’s OK. I’ve often been surprised by how well I get along with people who, the more I learn about them, have political views different from my own. For the record, I’m an independent, and as a skate-punk kid from the 1980s have always had anarchic leanings. The more I interact with power structures and bureaucracies, the less I want to have to do with them or their adherents, and I have a deep suspicion of those in power and their motives: Are they psychopaths who rose to office in order to further their own wicked agenda? Or did the job and its many temptations simply make them this way?