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Whats up with Choss?

We made a huge push to get to spring break. Just as visitors were rolling in the world started coming apart. Every day things got stranger on some out of control exponential rate. Our roles at Choss changed day by day. In the end we all just used the front of the space to relax for a moment and recharge before having to face what has become our new reality. The Choss Army has been redused to one now. The boys are in route back home to Vermont Via a single 400cc dirt bike. Wow! Right? Im even a bit envious of their adventure. The Two Che's <3

I shut the doors to the Cafe and Gear store on Sunday March 22nd to rest and let the world stabilize. I have been working on a few back projects and calming self. 

As for the moment I am shutting down online sales tell i can figgure out what is instock and what our dealers are up to. If you have a order placed give me a day or so to catch up. Remember Choss is NOW a army of one. 

The Cafe and Gear store im thinking limited hours Friday-Sunday with overnight Bike service. 

Fallow Instagram @ChossUSA for more current info as I can find the angles to stay open. 

Godspeed my friends <3

Brian Moody

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